Back in the heat....cus i have 2

Today am feeling somewhat ok, i still have a lot of pains, but it´s on it´s way to be manigable, and that is what´s it al about.

 Sometimes when i look back, i can´t understand why i did not follow the sugestions i got from those who know how to ease pain, well maby it´s because i was afraid to leave the secure inviorment we all have in Sweden, well anyway, i finnaly did just that, left for an unsertenty in another country, with hade only one benefit for me initially, the warm weather, today, i se that it also gives me a whole new future hope, maby i can combine my Sweden with being here in Ghana, so that i´l be here during our maby, just maby my pain will be one of the ones that wount kill my spirtit....

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